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North Lanarkshire Integrated Addiction Service – Airdrie | My Family and Alcohol

My Family and Alcohol


North Lanarkshire Integrated Addiction Service – Airdrie

Airdrie Community Health Centre, 88 Graham Street, Airdrie ML6 6DB

Telephone: 01236 856126

The North Lanarkshire Integrated Addictions Service brings health and social work services together for the first time.  This will mean that if you need help with an alcohol problem you can go to your local integrated addiction service and they will arrange for you to see the worker best placed to help you.  They may also speak to you about involving other professionals, including doctors, psychologists and occupational therapists as part of your care.

If you are aged 16 or over you can access the service by phoning or attending the service in person, or speak to your GP or any other service you might be involved with.