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My Family and Alcohol



My Family and Alcohol Posters are available to order from Alcohol Focus Scotland. To order posters please contact us on 0141 572 6700 or email enquiries@alcohol-focus-Scotland.org.uk.

To download posters click on the links below

MFAA A4 Poster 1 – (Male)’you need to think about if you have to drive’

MFAA A4 Poster 2 – (Female) ‘alcohol played a part in my family life… my childhood was ruined’

MFAA A4 Poster 3 – (Female) ‘kids asked me if it was wine o’clock yet’

MFAA A4 Poster 4 – (Male) ‘people are quick to judge… stigma’

MFAA A4 Poster 5 – (Male) ‘I enjoy a drink… but I have reponsibilities’


About this website

My Family and Alcohol has been developed in consultation with a range of family members and partners.

In using this website we hope that family members:

  • are more aware of their own drinking behaviour.
  • have increased understanding of the impact of their drinking on other family members, in particular children and young people.
  • have increased access to information that can help if there is an alcohol issue in the family.
  • have increased access to services that provide support for all the family.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions for improvements to the website.

If you have any comments or suggestions please contact us:

Tel: 0141 572 6700

Email: enquiries@alcohol-focus-scotland.org.uk

Twitter @Alcoholfocus

Website: Click here to find out more about the work we do